About Me

I am a social worker turned software engineer, determined to make technology accessible to all. I am currently working at Fullstack Academy of Code as a Teaching Fellow.

After working for almost 10 years as a social worker, I was ready for a career change. I have always been interested in tech, and felt like my background as a problem-solver meshed perfectly with the skills needed for a software engineer. I took my first Intro to Coding course in 2019, and BOOM - I was hooked! I started teaching myself code during every free chance I had - on the weekends, on my lunch breaks, and on my subway commute. After studying for about 6 months, I got into my dream program at Fullstack Academy of Code and the rest is history!

Other than my deep and totally dorky passion for all things tech, I love to travel (I've been to over 20 countries!), the occasional karaoke night in Korea Town, and old school video games. I currently am living in Brooklyn with my two cats, bunny, and boyfriend.